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If you like challenges and believe that the right security solution could be a game changer in the way enterprises work and address threats in the future, we invite you to join the Cyphort team. We’re bent on accelerating the delivery and adoption of Cyphort’s context-driven approach to Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection.  In fact, we believe our solution will forever transform the security space. We’re looking for smart people who collaborate, innovate and make great security products. That includes passionate hackers, talented engineers, UI designers, researchers, and more. Whatever your role, your ideas are encouraged and rewarded at Cyphort — we offer competitive salaries and an unbeatable working environment.

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Senior Malware Researcher

▸ Location: Santa Clara, CA, US • Department: Engineering

Job Description:

We are seeking a passionate hacker who derives purpose in life by reverse engineering complex botnets and APTs and developing anti-malware solutions to detect and remediate them. You will participate in the design and implementation of Cyphort next generation network security product, and will be faced with some of security’s hardest and most interesting problems.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Analyze malware behavior throughout the kill chain.
  • Reverse malware binaries to extract key behavioral indicators or alternatively, specialize in Vulnerability and exploit detection.
  • Utilize various analysis tools to unpack, decrypt, safely detonate, capture communication of suspicious binaries and documents.
  • Author blog posts describing malware behavior, trends in cyber criminal activity, network breaches, cyber espionage attacks and global malware campaigns.
  • Analyze reports of false positive and false negative detections and take or recommend appropriate remediation actions.
  • Build tools to automate daily activities.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge in Security and Malware detection technologies
  • Understanding of networking and core Internet protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP)
  • Expertise in either Windows or MacOS malware analysis
  • Familiarity with snort rules
  • Programming background with scripting languages such as Perl or Python
  • Experience using network security attack and prevention tools ( Wireshark, Metasploit, Snort).
  • Experience using Reverse Engineering tools (IDA pro, Windbg, ollydbg).
  • BS or BSE in computer science/engineering, or equivalent experience
  • Goal oriented and results-driven attitude
  • Indomitable work ethic
  • Excellent team player


  • Experience with vulnerability discovery and exploit detection

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