Industry Recognition

Managing incident response and threat mitigation is difficult and time-consuming, and our research shows that most organizations are not well-prepared to deal with many of the critical aspects of security management. The Anti-SIEM promises to significantly alter the security management landscape by improving the speed and efficiency of threat detection and response, while simultaneously lowering the costs of these critical processes. –Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst, Osterman Research

Introducing Cyphort’s Anti-SIEM

The Anti-SIEM solution combines Advanced Threat Detection, Advanced Threat Analytics, and One-Touch Threat Mitigation into a distributed software platform centrally managed through an intuitive UI.

The Anti-SIEM addresses two critical requirements facing today’s security teams:

1) Productivity– Security teams are typically flooded each day with hundreds of security alerts that must be triaged to determine which should be ignored and which need further investigation. Security analysts and incident responders require analytics capabilities that can effectively reduce the noise level and allow them to focus on incidents that pose the greatest risk to their organization.

2) Security– The alerts, logs, and events presented to security analysts typically indicate symptoms of potentially malicious activity in the network. What’s missing is detailed visibility into the specific advanced threat itself. To strengthen the security posture of an organization, analysts require a platform with strong threat detection and actionable information necessary to respond to threats very quickly. | Download the Data Sheet.

ICSA Labs Certifies Cyphort’s Anti-SIEM

ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon, tested the advanced threat detection components of Cyphort’s Anti-SIEM platform. The Anti-SIEM passed, having met all criteria requirements. | Read the ICSA Certification Report

Learn More About Anti-SIEM

This short video provides an overview of how the Anti-SIEM works.

Read the Press Announcement

Read the full press announcement for more details. | Read the Press Announcement