Network-based Next Generation APT Defense

Today's advanced malware requires a sophisticated advanced threat defense (ATD). Cyphort's next generation platform is designed with multiple capabilities to enhance your organization's security posture. With its single-pane-of-glass interface and API integration, the Cyphort Solution detects advanced malware, prioritizes remediation, and automates containment of cyber threats.

Detection That Evolves With Threats

Cyphort has built a detection engine that learns as it finds new threats and thus adapts itself with the changing nature of threats.

Adapt with the evolving threats with Machine Learning analytics

Unlike heuristics based analysis that starts to lose value as soon as it is released, machine learning analytics engine adapts and grows as it encounters new malware techniques.

Defeat targeted threats with Anti Evasion

Combination of virtualization and system emulation sandboxing combined with a deep understanding of evasion and cloaking techniques defeats evasion by ensuring the malicious code elicits enough behavior to make a determination.

Detect encrypted, multi-part threats

Cyphort associates multiple related downloads and executes them in the behavior analysis environment to decrypt and analyze multi-part threats.

Ensure relevance with Golden Image Sandbox

Cyphort allows customers to configure custom behavior analysis sandbox environments mimicking their actual endpoints. This ability helps customers assess the impact of malware in their own environment and thus allows them to allocate priority and resources to deal with it.

Detect threat lateral movement

Cyphort combines the inspection of internal enterprise traffic with its innovative threat detection methodology to identify threats as they move between devices within an enterprise.


Visibility into All Correlated APT Activity

Cyphort provides a single pane of glass for all threat activity across the organization, correlated to provide security professional a comprehensive view of current security posture.

View correlated lateral and perimeter threat activity

Trace how threats came in and how they are acting inside the organization, including the lateral spread.

Find threats across threat vectors and platforms

See all threats irrespective of which vectors (web, email or file share) they utilize to spread and the platforms they are targeting.

View threats across their lifecycle

Cyphort detects threats across the threat lifecycle and correlates the information as threat changes state across Exploit, Download, Command & Control, Lateral Spread, Internal Threat Activity and Data Exfiltration stages.

Eliminate Red Herrings

Cyphort dramatically reduces false positives and suppresses the noise from irrelevant threats. Accurate detection combined with the knowledge of intent, target value, cyber kill-chain stage and security posture of the target yields risk-based prioritization for incidence response.


Deployment Versatility

Cyphort's solution is easily and cost-effectively deployed in single locations, across distributed enterprises and/or virtualized cloud environments for ultimate flexibility and scalability.

Deploy as hardware, software or VM

The Cyphort solution is delivered as software and VM that can be installed on general-purpose hardware, virtual machines and cloud environments. Extensive open API helps integration with the rest of your security infrastructure to provide rapid incident response, and threat containment.

Leverage existing security investments

Cyphort natively integrates with perimeter security solutions, e.g. Firewalls, IPS, web proxy, endpoint detection and response tools, to provide automated assessment and threat containment.

Integrate using Open API

With our open API, customers can create custom integrations with their other solutions including Incident Response systems, ticketing systems etc.